EVIL SCARECROW release their storming new single ‘Hurricanado’ on 22nd July

Working in conjunction with Bloodstock Open Air Festival, the lovely people at Evil Scarecrow are giving their new single ‘Hurricanado’ away free after the 22nd from the Bloodstock Festival website, all you have to do is sign up to either of these links for the track: http://www.bloodstock.uk.com/pages/subscribe-form or: http://eepurl.com/b9mfEr
‘Hurricanado’ will also be available to buy from all the usual outlets – iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc from 29th July.

The fantastic new video for ‘Hurricanado’ is out now & Dr Hell had a few words about the herculean feat it took to make:
“The final sequence was recorded in a single take, all we have done is sped up and slowed down some of the footage. It was a huge choreographed effort and we had amazing team of people that were literally in the shadows moving props in and out and throwing space hoppers and tricycles at us. It took weeks of planning and scripting and the whole sequence took about 16 minutes to run through each time. We’ll be releasing some time lapse footage of the chaos down the line”

This year Evil Scarecrow are returning to the Main Stage at Bloodstock on Friday, they’ve also got a brand new single which they will perform live for the very first time during their set and have partnered with Bloodstock to bring it to you as soon as it’s released. Dr Hell has this to say:
“We really wanted to do something special for Bloodstock this year so we’ve fast tracked some music genius (*coughs*) from our upcoming album especially for the BOA fans, which will be available for free through the Bloodstock website! So, it should give you time to learn all of the ropey latin chanting that we crowbarred in-between some thunderstorm samples. Writing music is easy. It’s another massive Scarecrow hit and we expect to see you all spinning on the spot for ‘Hurricanado’. Bloodstock will be the first time we have ever played the song live, so the dizzier you are the less obvious our mistakes will be.”

“Evil Scarecrow stunned the people of Download Festival with one of the most memorable, genius sets we’ve ever seen”
“….is probably the most fun heavy metal band to grace the Maverick Stage…”
Gigwise, best moments of Download 2015
“Evil Scarecrow…find themselves on the brink of being a genuinely significant concern on the British scene….”
Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer
“….as you’re headbanging to this majestic metallic madness, be aware that you might be doing so in the presence of a band who could one day help British metal take over the world again!”
Planet Loud

Following on from their EPIC performance at Bloodstock Festival to upwards of 12,000 people at 11am, Evil Scarecrow have now released their long awaited 3rd album (the first recorded with their current line-up) ‘GALACTIC HUNT’ with the legendary producer Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, The Wildhearts, Exploited, Evile, Sikth, Oaf etc) at the helm.

As ever the album will include influences from across the metal genre melded together with the inimitable Evil Scarecrow humour and just a smattering of some rather more imitable dance moves! Galactic Hunt was produced and mixed by Russ Russell at Parlour Studios, Kettering, UK Mastered by Dexter Russell in the garden.

The album can be ordered from here:




Previous releases:
‘Sixty Six Minutes Past Six’ Album
‘Helldog’ EP
‘Crowcifiction’ Album
Videos – Robototron, Blacken The Everything




Evil Scarecrow are:
Dr Rabid Hell, vocals, guitars
Brother Dimitri Pain, guitars
Kraven Morrdeth, bass
Princess Luxury, keyboards
Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist, drums