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The Tommy Harrison Group self titled album is out now

The Tommy Harrison Group release their self-titled, instrumental album on 15th Dec

You can download the full album from here:

Tommy Harrison Group is Jacksonville, FL based trio. With diverse influences, such as classic hard rock and metal groups, blues in the power trio tradition, jazz of the 1960s, twangy country guitar and classical music, Tommy Harrison’s rapid fire delivery coupled with melodic sensibilities make his performances on the stage and in his recordings, accessible by a wide audience outside of the traditional guitar player demographic. The
result is a distinguished flavor that separates him from other instrumental hard rock groups. Harrison is best known for his time in the Denver band, Dogs of Pleasure, and time in the Hollywood club scene in the early 1990s with Aristocratic Trash, voted a top band by Music Connection magazine in 1992.

Bassist Peter Mosely has two gold/platinum releases as the bassist for Warner Brothers’ recording artist Yellowcard, and is also a guitarist for Epitaph Recording Artists Inspection 12. Drummer Eric Bailey is a newcomer to the live scene is quickly making his name as a force to be reckoned with in the Jacksonville music landscape, performing many groups in the area which brings him a wealth of performance opportunities on stage and in the recording studio.

The group began in 2013, and released their self-titled debut recording in 2017. Often compared to artists such as Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck and Joe Bonamassa because of the group’s all instrumental style, Tommy Harrison Group embraces a variety of influences including hard rock and heavy metal, to blues and jazz, to classical and funk.

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