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Last Flight To Pluto’s stunning album ‘See You At The End’ is out now

Last Flight To Pluto’s stunning debut album ‘See You At The End’ is out now.

“Last flight to Pluto are certainly something of an enigma….. “We’ve a sound where all of our influences have been mashed up together,” explains singer Alice Freya, “from that big Rush sound to Chili Peppers pop”….. the young band have successfully crafted an album that’s as eccentrically nostalgic as it is contemporary.”
Limelight, Prog Magazine

“Speckles of guitar and sighing keys create an atmosphere of trepidation.
Thrilling drums spill out of the edges and then the riffs build into an intoxicating climax.
Vocals from Alice are soft and floral. This is an experience. A true joy.”
Raw Ramp

Last Flight To Pluto’s fabulous single ‘Heavy Situation’ taken from their debut album ‘See You At The End’ is out now. With influences seeping in from several decades of music, this delightful progressive rock track artfully melds Alice Freya’s ethereal voice with switches in tempos and emphasis and is the perfect way to introduce Last Flight To Pluto.

Last Flight To Pluto is fronted by Alice Freya, a veteran of the cover circuit in her homeland of South Wales, UK. Herself and drummer Daz Joseph, who some might remember from 90’s prog band EZRA, had had enough of playing vacuous pop to satisfy others.’It’s about time we start playing music that we enjoy, but if we played a Rush cover, half of our crowd would leave!’ Freya said. That sparked an idea in Daz’s head, it felt like the right time to try and get back on the prog scene after years of absence.

It was easy finding the right musicians to play on ‘See You At The End’ after all, the covers band had played hundreds of gigs together, apart from bass player and Rockfield engineer Jon Con, but Freya and Joseph had always admired his playing and decided he was the right man for the job. 17 year old ‘whizz kid’ guitarist Jack ‘mcGinty’ Parry has been playing since the age of 4, he has a great old school approach to his playing. With some of his influences being: David Gilmour, Graham Headley Williams (Racing Cars) and Alex Lifeson.

‘What on earth is prog?’ asked other vocalist Brett Andrews, who was also in his teens during the album recording. His taste and style of music being R&B, he had a big eye opener in the studio but he kept an open mind and discovered a new love in progressive rock.

With most of the players being under 30, ‘See you at the end’ has a new modern twist on prog but their influences – Rush, Massive Attack, Genesis, King Crimson, Camel and Pink Floyd, really shine throughout their 6 track, hour long album ‘See You At The End’.

Alice Freya – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Jack O’mcGinty – Guitar / Vocals
Ryan Alexander – Guitar / Vocals
Daz Joseph – Drums / Vocals
Jay L Kreft – Bass / Vocals

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