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VOODOO CIRCLE release their new album ‘Raised On Rock’ on February 9th on AFM Records.

VOODOO CIRCLE release their new album ‘Raised On Rock’ on February 9th on AFM Records.

Single ‘Running Away From Love’ is out now and you can check out the audio video here:

If you consider the songs on Voodoo Circle’s new album Raised On Rock to be an indicator of the current emotional condition their most important protagonists find themselves in, there seems to be no reason to worry about band founder, guitarist and main composer Alex Beyrodt in particular. Thanks to Beyrodt’s excellent songwriting – as usual inspired by renowned sources such as Whitesnake, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix – and his outstanding guitar performance which brings to mind icons from Ritchie Blackmore through Jimmy Page to John Sykes, this recording oozes pure, unadulterated fervour. This exuberant energy, however, isn’t the merit of Beyrodt alone but, without doubt, also that of his colleagues Mat Sinner (bass), Francesco Jovino (drums) and – last but not least – new vocalist Herbie Langhans (Avantasia). Beyrodt and Langhans met in 2015 at the Wacken Open Air, when they belted out the Wacken anthem together from the gigantic Black Stage. Beyrodt: “The amazing thing about this story is that Herbie and I had never met before but talked to each other in person for the very first time after we’d rocked only minutes earlier the 100,000 people in front of the stage and around four million viewers in front of their TV sets.”

With Langhans as the group’s new frontman, the stylistic direction of the Voodoo Circle compositions hasn’t significantly changed – unlike the general flair of the material: “I feel that the band sounds even more autonomous, a little less bluesy and much meatier with Herbie at the mic,” Beyrodt enthuses. “This allowed me to work on ideas which would probably not really have suited his predecessor David Readman but are absolutely perfect for Herbie’s powerful voice.” The Voodoo Circle boss is referring to numbers such as ´Running Away From Love` with its anthemnic vocal melody and the subsequent midtempo rock track ´Higher Love`, which went down a treat with the audience at its official live debut.

Raised On Rock was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, U.D.O.), whose unerring instinct for dynamics and frequencies lends the recording its modern touch. And another musician contributed significantly to the tight overall impression of Raised On Rock: the keyboards were manned by Corvin Bahn (Saxon, Uli Jon Roth). So all in all, we can say that the new Voodoo Circle album truly lives up to its programmatic title.

Produced by Alexander Beyrodt, Mat Sinner
Studio: Hansen Studios (Jacob Hansen)

DISCOGRAPHY: Voodoo Circle (2008), Broken Heart Syndrome (2011), More Than One Way Home (2011), Whisky Fingers (2015), new: RAISED ON ROCK (Release date: 09 Februar 2018)

Voodoo Circle: Alex Beyrodt (Guitars), Herbie Langhans (Vocals), Mat Sinner (Bass), Francesco „Cesco“ Jovino (Drums)

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Raven Cain’s new album ‘Oblivious’ is out now

American rocker Raven Cain releases his new album ‘Oblivious’ on 1st December

‘Oblivious’ is a storming album, tracks of southern rock with flecks of blues and country added into the mix, making one almighty feel-good rock ‘n’ roll album.

“Oblivious” is one of the most thought-provoking and diverse Southern rock records of the year”
Maximum Volume Music

You can download the full album from the dropbox link below:

Raven Cain is a man whose life reads like a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Raised in an ultrareligious cult, with his mother, A father who was an absent musician and a stepfather who abused, poisoned, and almost killed him. To say his life was traumatic is an understatement. His family fought hopeless poverty and substandard living conditions his whole childhood. Despite overwhelming odds, Raven managed to devote his life to his two passions, Music and Martial Arts. Raven’s well-known reputation for a wild stage presence and thought-provoking lyrics earned him the title of the 90’s Iggy Pop by Flash Magazine. Raven currently a 6th Degree Black Belt; in 1999 Raven began to do active work with the Guardian Angels.

His latest release, Oblivious, is a collaboration with noted guitarist and producer Tommy Harrison, where he showcased his southern rock/ biker rock with a twist of philosophy, with traits that feature his reputation as a powerful vocalist and an insightful songwriter. Offstage, Raven keeps people intrigued with his ongoing artistic endeavors, including co-founding the martial art KaJuKiBo, becoming an Ordained Buddhist Priest. Where Raven shines is as a true artist and frontman, whose dynamic stage performance leaving the crowd wanting more.

Considering he is a direct blood descendant of Blackbeard, the world’s most notorious and infamous pirate, it would seem he is merely keeping the family tradition of a chaotic and exciting life alive.

Bad Boy
My Addiction
Son Of The South
One Foot In The Grave
No Rest For The Wicked
Rebel City
OUtlaw Way
General Lee
Plane To Utah
All American Bad Ass
Oblivious Bliss

The band is: Raven Cain, Tommy Harrison, Dani Harrison

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American Glutton’s debut EP ‘Dish Served Cold’ is out now

American Glutton release their stomping new EP ‘Dish Served Cold’ on 1st December.

You can download the full EP from the dropbox link below:

Blending hard rock and a touch of metal, this is a huge, chunky, riff soaked EP that is as catchy as hell & guaranteed to get even the most cynical up & rocking!

American Glutton is a hard rock/ heavy metal band based out of Jacksonville, Florida, that features three powerhouse veteran performers: Raven Cain, a solo artist in his own right as the group’s vocalist, alongside Tommy Harrison, widely known as the guitarist for Denver rock legends Dogs of Pleasure, and Dani Harrison, who established himself in the Denver scene as part of The Trainwreckers. After joining forces in 2016, American Glutton moved into the studio, releasing their debut Dish Served Cold on From the Ashes Records in 2017.

Initially, the group began to find followers from students at Jacksonville University and the University of Central Florida, as Tommy is a university professor who is still shredding through his lifelong love of metal. This unusual meeting of academia and heavy metal began to spread, and the band’s reputation began to grow. Cain’s fan base, whose own fans knew of him primarily through his performances of southern rock, were surprised at Cain’s versatility in a genre the fans were unaware of. For Cain whoever, who grew up on heavy metal, it wasn’t surprised at all. Fans of country rock band the Trainwreckers were equally astounded at Dani’s prowess playing music that was stylically different than what his fans were used to. Yet, the trio’s debut recording laid any doubts to rest with its powerful, groove based approach to metal inspired by Black Sabbath and groups from the 1980s. A powerful live act, joined by drummer Kirk Ferguson, the group has expanded its sights on the heavy metal scene United Kingdom and Europe.

American Glutton is: Raven Cain, Tommy Harrison, Dani Harrison

Mr Strange
My War
God Knows
Sin City
Empty Eyes

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The Tommy Harrison Group self titled album is out now

The Tommy Harrison Group release their self-titled, instrumental album on 15th Dec

You can download the full album from here:

Tommy Harrison Group is Jacksonville, FL based trio. With diverse influences, such as classic hard rock and metal groups, blues in the power trio tradition, jazz of the 1960s, twangy country guitar and classical music, Tommy Harrison’s rapid fire delivery coupled with melodic sensibilities make his performances on the stage and in his recordings, accessible by a wide audience outside of the traditional guitar player demographic. The
result is a distinguished flavor that separates him from other instrumental hard rock groups. Harrison is best known for his time in the Denver band, Dogs of Pleasure, and time in the Hollywood club scene in the early 1990s with Aristocratic Trash, voted a top band by Music Connection magazine in 1992.

Bassist Peter Mosely has two gold/platinum releases as the bassist for Warner Brothers’ recording artist Yellowcard, and is also a guitarist for Epitaph Recording Artists Inspection 12. Drummer Eric Bailey is a newcomer to the live scene is quickly making his name as a force to be reckoned with in the Jacksonville music landscape, performing many groups in the area which brings him a wealth of performance opportunities on stage and in the recording studio.

The group began in 2013, and released their self-titled debut recording in 2017. Often compared to artists such as Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck and Joe Bonamassa because of the group’s all instrumental style, Tommy Harrison Group embraces a variety of influences including hard rock and heavy metal, to blues and jazz, to classical and funk.

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