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Doomsday Outlaw release new single & video for ‘All That I Have’

DOOMSDAY OUTLAW release their single and video for ‘All That I Have’ from album ‘Suffer More’ on July 28th.

‘All That I Have’ is a swaggering, searing blues riddled rocker, showcasing the band’s trademark Southern rock alongside their dirty heavy blues influence. This fantastic track will ensure they grow their considerable fan-base further, a real footstomper.
You can check out the video for the single (a song described by BBC Introducing as “Brilliant”) here:

“‘All That I Have’ marks the start of the journey into recording our album ‘Suffer More’ as the first song we wrote together and also a favourite of ours and fans! It encapsulates the whole feel of the album and my personal experience at the time of writing. A song about loss, love, depression. …but ultimately redemption”
Phil Poole, Doomsday Outlaw

The band have been locked in the studio laying down all new tracks for their Frontiers Records label debut, due for release in Spring 2018, and are about to shake off that cabin fever with a select few shows. Catch them at:

29 July – Corporation, Sheffield – with The Main Grains
4 August – The Old School House, Barnsley
5 August – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – Mosh for Rossi charity festival

Full details and ticket links available at the website:
Sales links for ‘All That I Have:

Quotes from ‘Suffer More’ reviews:
“Holy shit this album had me tied up in knots it is that good. It is quite simply…perfect”
“A roller-coaster ride of an album where each change of direction comes as a thrilling surprise, leaving you breathless, elated and wanting more….A tour de force.”
TBFM Magazine
“Plain and simply incredible…..Massive, swaggering groove.”
Maximum Volume Music
“Kicks like a mule……Oozes class and swagger and style.”
Midlands Rocks
“Doomsday Outlaw’ could well be the best independent rock band in the UK at the moment.”
The Rockpit, Australia

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT release their ‘Best Of’ album ‘To The Moon And Back’ on 11th August.

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT release their ‘Best Of’ album ‘To The Moon And Back – 20 years and Beyond’ on 11th August.


1996 – a snowy winter in Massachusetts. Inside the lodge around a fireplace, a guitarist plays some beautiful acoustic tunes, and a singer with an ethereal voice joins in, they play throughout the night – creating songs of myths and fantasy, inspired by nature. All this is occurring while Rainbow are recording their last CD, Stranger in Us All. Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are using their secluded time around the fire in the middle of winter to create some beautiful music inspired by many melodies of the Renaissance period, and Blackmore-ised into contemporary music. We call it Renaissance/Folk/Rock.

1997 – the first CD by Blackmore’s Night is released- Shadow of the Moon and immediately goes gold in Japan and wins awards worldwide. Their fan base is ecstatic and ever growing and devoted, they have created a genre of music for all ages. Grandparents, Parents, children-everyone embracing their medieval mood music and gypsy dances.

1997-2017- 20th Anniversary of Blackmore’s Night
Every one of their studio CDs has been given awards such as Best of the Year or Best Vocal album of the year and all debuting in top five of Billboards charts. Their sold out live concerts in castles and Unesco sites worldwide are filled with thousands of fans dressed in Renaissance garb, dancing and singing as if time stood still, no clocks, no pressure, just the gaiety and camaraderie of a medieval pub, everyone joins in.
Their latest release due out on August 11 is a ‘Best Of’ compilation – most requested and beloved songs from their fans but also contains several bonuses. 4 brand new versions of their songs and two brand new songs including Ritchie Blackmore’s latest version of Land of Hope and Glory and Candice Night singing a favoured Rainbow tune ‘I Surrender’.

When on tour, the Blackmore’s Night touring group is made up of 7 extremely talented musicians, Ritchie plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola, cello and hurdy gurdy and Candice performs on 7 medieval woodwinds including bagpipe chanters, shawm, corner muse, penny whistles, recorders etc as well as writing all the lyrics and performing lead vocals. Our other musicians are Bard David on keyboards and back-up vocals, Scarlet Fiddler on Violin, Lady Lyn on Shawm and back-up vocals, Earl Grey on Base and rhythm guitar and Troubadour of Aberdeen on percussion

“When we first started this Renaissance musical journey 20 years ago, it began in the most unlikely of places. A darkened recording studio, in front of a raging fireplace with mountains of snow outside and a band of rockers doing their backing tracks for a completely different CD in a completely different genre. Yet, there we were, gazing out that window or into that fire, playing the acoustic guitar and writing lyrics; while the rest of them existed in their world, we were the only inhabitants in ours. Inspired by all things from another century we never truly felt at home in this one. Not until we created our own musical escape that helped us co-exist. Allowed us to dress as our spirits wanted, portray the dreams and visions we imagined within the realms of music, which had no boundaries. We were free. Each song took us down another pathway through the wilderness…fed our hungry souls. We knew we were alone there, but we were at home and comfortable. And then…one day…someone heard our music in the darkness. They asked us if we wanted to share the music with the rest of the world. We thought about it for a long time, it was a whole new path. We had melded together music from eras gone past with lyrics of modern day faerie tales, creating a new genre. We weren’t sure that anyone else would be interested. Besides sharing this side with the world exposed us deeply. Left us open and incredibly vulnerable. But we decided if even 1 other lost person felt their home within our songs, then it would be worth it. It was never for popularity, for radio play, or for money. It wasn’t about filling seats at concerts. It was strictly what our hearts called for. The songs flowed out of us and now we find ourselves looking back 20 years later over so many CDs, so many DVDs and so many fans worldwide. To perform in a 12th century castle courtyard with the moon rising above you, singing songs you created with thousands of people, many of whom are dressed up in garb…if you experience something like that once in your life, count yourself blessed. We have been lucky enough to experience that each time we perform. And it is pure magic. Candice Obviously our music will not be played in commercial radio or in the latest dance clubs. We like to think that our music comes from a place where music is more sacred, organic, fresh, green and woody, communal, not processed. Renaissance mock rock and folk textures, imagination not just regurgitating the past for the purists but living it and feeling the pain and passion of the day. Transcending the mundane to the peaceful living in a fairy-tale existence, pondering the mysteries of life and death. Pleasure not pressure.”

Shadow Of The Moon I Surrender (bonus track)
Spirit Of The Sea Moonlight Shadow (2017 version)
Renaissance Faire Somewhere Over the Sea (2017 version)
Play Minstrel Play Writing on The Wall (2017 version)
Under A Violet Moon Coming Home (2017 version)
Spanish Nights Ghost Of John (bonus track)
Fires At Midnight Minstrel Hall
Ghost Of A Rose Possum Goes To Prague
Cartouche Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
Village Lanterne Nur eine Minute
The Circle Village Dance
25 Years Land Of Hope And Glory (2017 single version
Dandelion Wine Bonus video
Home Again (live)

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GENTLE GIANT release their compilation album ‘Three Piece Suite, remixed by Steven Wilson

Gentle Giant – Three Piece Suite.

On September 29th 2017 Gentle Giant will release ‘Three Piece Suite’.


Gentle Giant—Three Piece Suite is a specially curated selection of songs and compositions from the band’s first three albums (Giant, Acquiring The Taste, Three Friends) presented in both 5.1 surround sound and stereo. There are nine tracks from the albums, plus a pre-debut song, remixed by Steven Wilson. The choices were determined by the limited availability of multi-track master tapes from the era. Only a few songs from each album are known to exist as multi-tracks, with the rest presumably lost.

Link to listen to ‘Peel The Paint’ on itunes:
Video for ‘Peel The Paint':

Three Piece Suite is available in the following formats:
*A two-disc digipak containing 96/24 animated Blu-ray plus CD.
*A single disc digipak CD.
*A two-disc gatefold LP in180g high-end vinyl.
*A 95/24 digital download of the CD version.

Gentle Giant’s Three Piece Suite includes the songs ‘Giant’, ‘Nothing At All’, and ‘Why Not’ from the first album ‘Giant’.
‘Pantagruel’s Nativity’, ‘The House, The Street, The Room’ from the second album ‘Acquiring The Taste’.
‘Schooldays’, ‘Peel the Paint’, ‘Mr. Class And Quality?’, and ‘Three Friends’ from the album ‘Three Friends”’ completes the list of the original recorded material.
The band and Steven Wilson are including a previously commercially unreleased song ‘Freedom’s Child’, taken from the first recording sessions with legendary producer Tony Visconti.

The liner notes by interviewer Anil Prasad include reflections from Gentle Giant’s members about the writing and recording sessions. Furthermore, Steven Wilson and Tony Visconti share their incredible observations about the early days of this unique collection of timeless music from one of progressive rock’s most influential bands.

Tony Visconti recounts:
“I was a very optimistic young man in 1970…I thought music like theirs would save the world from mediocrity. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in it. I championed their cause by becoming sympathetic to the point where I temporarily joined the band for both albums. I modified their arrangements and pulled off some stunning audio effects that gave their sound more depth and immediacy. The band knew I was on their side. I remember there being a great feeling of camaraderie during the sessions.”

Steven Wilson explains:
“To create the new mixes, I used Logic as the software and Universal Audio plug-ins, which provide emulations of classic analog outboard effects, channel strips and old mixing desks…I used these tools to clean things up and bring out some more clarity, detail and definition in some of the instrumental interplay. There was never a question of trying to outdo the original mixes, but offer different perspectives on them.”

Tony Visconti continues:
“In our own way, we’ve touched the ears, minds and hearts of thousands of true believers.”

The band members, collectively, feel there are still good reasons its fans continue to enjoy Gentle Giant’s music and why it continues to be discovered by new generations.

For fans of Gentle Giant, ‘Three Piece Suite’ is a must have. For fans of great musicianship and progressive rock this is an incredible insight into the earliest days of this legendary band.

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NUMB release their self titled debut album on 1st September

NUMB release their first track ‘Common Love’, a cracking rock track taken from their self-titled debut album which is out on 1st September via Attic Records.
Check out the video here:

NUMB release their self titled debut album on 1st September via Attic Records

Numb Cover

This fierce, hard driving rocker throws up fabulous tunes track after track, showcasing twists, grooves and suprises galore and the end result is a truly stunning album, made even more so by the fact this is their debut offering. An extremely exciting future awaits this formidable qartet.

Established in 2015, a rekindled long term musical collaboration between guitarist songwriter Darren Caven-Quantrill and multi-instrumentalist composer Barney Byron (The Calling, Audioeinstein) joined forces with unknown but talented lyricist and vocalist Lee Rayner.

An album’s worth of original material was rapidly composed with the fresh writing partnership says Rayner, “Darren and me just clicked and we immediately knew we had a unique sound, some might hear the Randy Rhoads/Osbourne esque guitars? Some may hear our combined appreciation of bands like System of a Down? Others possibly the punk edge of the Dead Kennedys? The angst of Rage against the Machine? or even the neo classical Muse edge?”

The band was soon joined by drummer Damo Falkowski (Deadeye) whose technical and powerful style yielded the modern edge that defines Numb’s resonance.

Excited as they were with the new sounds they were laying down, Numb never anticipated the buzz and enthusiasm they received from the first string of gigs locally “it gave us the real desire to take the time to perfect our unique sound – we took the old industry route! Demoed the entire album first, taking our time and this allowed us to craft an album which not only met our expectations musically but we now honestly feel deserves to be exposed and out there” says Caven-Quantrill.
“The songs are semi-autobiographical” remarks Rayner “they are extremely personal – this is Real Life Rock”

Numb’s eagerly anticipated debut will be released on Attic Records 01/09/17

Numb: Lee Rayner (Vocals), Darren Caven-Quantrill (Guitars), Byron (Bass), Damo Falkowski (Drums)

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