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VEKTRILL release their video for single ‘I’ll Never Die’

VEKTRILL release their new video for the single ‘I’ll Never Die’ which is out now.

Released on August 28th, this single is driven along by heavy rhythms battered with scuzzy guitars, melodies and Muse-esque vocals and is a scorcher from VEKTRILL. The band’s new EP ‘CYBORG’ is out now.

‘infusing the digital feel of space-rock with a scuzzier, more progressive edge’
Anthem Review
‘VEKTRILL create savage drum beats, omnipotent bass riffs, shrieking guitar leads and courageous vocal melodies that all combine to make epic & effusive space-rock sonatas’
Raw Ramp

VEKTRILL are a three piece electric space rock band based in Worthing, near Brighton. Composed of Scott Miller (guitar and vocals), Carlos Toppin (bass) and Jordan Stone (percussion) and combining vicious drum beats, powerful bass riffs, screaming guitar leads and heart wrenching melodies, they create epic space rock symphonies that are sure to leave you feeling emotionally charged and ready for more!
EP ‘Cyborg’ is out now, available on iTunes and from

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DETHONATOR release double A side single ‘I Am Thunder God/Harbinger on 23rd September

DETHONATOR release ‘I Am Thunder God’ and ‘Harbinger’ as a Double A side single on 23rd September.

DETHONATOR have blended together elements of old school, contemporary and power metal with soaring melodies, huge guitars and vocals switching easily between smooth and growl to produce a stomping pair of metal tracks, a great lead in to the forthcoming release of their self titled album in October 15th.

“These guys have a little bit of everything to please most Metal fans out there. This is one of the best well rounded and professional & experienced bands I have heard in a long time. These guys have much to offer the Metal scene & after one listen to this album you can hear why! One truly amazing band!!”
Beowolf Productions

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KINGBREAKER release new video to ‘Straitjacket’

KINGBREAKER’s stunning new video for the single ‘Straitjacket is out now.

“.A growling ever-heaving predatory beat is established by stalking bass and gargling guitar. Thrust into these mixtures … yet skating across the surface tension … is Spinky — whose copper/silver vocals are as dark as black-sand and yet as hot as magma.”
Raw Ramp

‘Straitjacket’ is a dark, searing melodic rocker, drenched with Spinky’s powerful vocals and driven along by huge riffs and an irrepressible rhythm section. Veering off the usual rock path, Kingbreaker are making their own way by blending their rock, alternative and gothic influences, coming up with a sound uniquely their own and pretty damn fabulous with it. An exciting future awaits this hugely talented band.

Upcoming show: 3rd September, The Alleycat, Denmark st, London

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