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Fabulous review of the new Perfect Beings album, ‘Perfect Beings II’


Early this year I bought the Perfect Beings debut based solely on the good reviews it was getting. Yes, sometimes I like to live dangerously and buy music without actually hearing it first. I was not disappointed. The album, as I stated in my review, was an impressive and coherent collage of styles from the Beatles to Yes, to Tears for Fears to Pink Floyd and several others. There were great melodies, marvelous instrumental segments and an overall feeling that this was progressive rock that even my wife could like. In short I loved the album.
So now Johannes Luley and co. have prepared the follow up to “Perfect Beings” and the questions that come up are: Will it be as good? Will it sound the same in a good way or will it sound like a rehashing of ideas? Will the band do something new that complements their sound or will they do something really radical that greatly diverges?

The answer to these questions is that Perfect Beings have both continued with the sound and style they established so successfully on their debut while simultaneously taking new strides. One of the great praises I can offer them on this album is that they’ve developed their own sound better. The first album had a definite Yes influence, or rather Steve Howe influence in the guitar playing, and with a Rickenbacker bass rumbling along, the Chris Squire (RIP, dear bass god) comparisons would have been justified.

On “Perfect Beings II” I feel the Howe/Squire similarities are considerably reduced though when they crop up they certainly stand out. I also feel the Pink Floyd keyboard sound is stronger this time; however, one should consider that “sound” does not mean “style”. The music tends to be more upbeat and uplifting than much of Pink Floyd’s more atmospheric synthesizer parts.

But really what there is to love here is not how the music resembles some classic works but rather how well the music is written and recorded as a Perfect Beings album. There is still a variety of influences ranging from the seventies through the eighties and into more recent periods but also a cleverly crafted melange of beautiful music and songs. Soothing piano and acoustic guitar, sweet melodies, frantic instrumentals, the odd atmospheric segment all stitched together in a smooth-flowing, ear-pleasing quilt of patterns and colours.

My personal favourite so far is the nearly nine-minute long “The Love Inside” which is an excellent introduction to the sound and style of Perfect Beings. The angular Yes/Relayer styled prog instrumental part in “Cause and Effect” is also wonderful and “Go” also holds my attention with some beautiful music and melody. “Mar del Fuego” also emphasizes the band’s instrumental prowess with the Spanish hand clapping part reminding me of a track from Don Airey’s solo album “A Light in the Sky”. “The Thrill Seeker” is a serene number with some female vocals adding harmony and an almost traditional Chinese sound to the chorus. The undulating keyboards provide the perfect backdrop for a simple piano and guitar solo. “Volcanic Streams” is rather an exciting piece and perhaps the real dark, brooding and intense part of the album. There are some slower tracks with less excitement and drama but nonetheless enjoyable and integral parts of the album for balance.

As with the debut, this is an album that I can enjoy listening to from front to back and, when it’s over and track one plays again, I feel like listening to it once more.

Based on my listening experience, Perfect Beings are one of the more interesting modern prog bands who have created a sound for themselves without sounding entirely derivative of their influences. They stand on the shoulders of giants and build their own tower. Honestly I’ve heard very little music of 2015 but I expect this late arrival will establish itself very high on the PA Top 100 of the year. I feel it certainly deserves it.

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Australian behemoths Jac Dalton gear up for the release of 3rd album ‘Powderkeg’!

“Dalton’s voice has something reminiscent of a younger David Coverdale – rich honey and whiskey seeping through velvet wrapped charcoal”
Shane Pinnegar/The Rockpit.

“Jac Dalton is a fierce, no quarter crusade of balls to the wall, no holds barred classic rock experience that engages the listener with a sonic safari of badass attitude mixed with a decidedly modern shape and colour!”
John Hampton, Ardent Studios

“Great songs, great band and production ….. the most exciting straight ahead Oz-rock band we’re heard in a while! Every track is on station and we want more please!
Max Christofferson, Kiss Radio, NZ

Jac Dalton was born and raised in North Carolina before calling Adelaide home. He has always been a world-class performer and musician but supplements this passion with his love of being both a chiropractor and Functional Neurologist.

Jac has raised the bar considerably for contemporary Oz rock, following in the steps of other local native sons who have carved major notches in the genre over the decades. With the collaboration’s ‘all killer, no filler’ repertoire – all wrapped around uplifting sentiments – assures an unforgettable performance that resonates not only across global borders, but generations.

Comprising some of the absolute best of Aussie talent, from soaring vocals, intricate harmonies and inspiring screaming guitars to positive uplifting messages, the Jac Dalton band distils an edgy blend of classic melodic rock that pays homage to the Great South Land while forging an unmistakable international identity.

Having broken new ground with his first release, the country/rock crossover CD, ‘From Both Sides’and received huge critical acclaim for the rock monster ‘Icarus’ (with the video ‘For Your Love’ from this album receiving over 278,000 views!), Jac looks now to set the bar even higher with this fantastic 3rd album, ‘Powderkeg’ and the stunning video for this track!

POWDERKEG was recorded in Soundfield Studios, Perth,WA and Adelaide Recording Studios, Adelaide SA, produced and mixed by Darren Mullan and matered by Neville Clark in Disk Edits, Adelaide SA

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FlashFires confirmed as headliner for Introducing Stage at Butserfest

I’m delighted to announce that FlashFires have now been confirmed as HEADLINERS on the Introducing stage at Butserfest on the 12th September.

FlashFires recently played the sole support to ASH in front of a capacity 450+ crowd at the Wedgewood Rooms & went down an absolute storm, have packed out their BBC Introducing show and have supported the likes of The Subways, The Rifles & Catfish & The Bottlemen.

They’ve got a show at the Jubilee Club in the Barfly, Camden pending along with a slot at Dials Festival & a support slot to The Sherlocks in October, & are now being booked by X Ray Touring so things are really starting to happen for this fantastic bunch of young Basingstoke lads. They head out to California in December to record new tracks and are lining up a new release early spring 2016.

“…fast paced, with a funky twist and a surge of energy. They have a great stage presence and they know how to captivate their audiences with jangly guitars, unique vocals, catchy beats and a most definitely fun experience…”
The Edge

Fresh from their sole support slot to ASH at a sold out Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth & their packed BBC Introducing show in Reading, FlashFires now gear up for their shows at Butserfest and Dials Festival & a host of really cracking support slots.
12th September, BUTSERFEST (Don Broco, Funeral For A Friend, Hacktivist etc)
18th September, Jubilee Club, Barfly in Camden, London with Billy Bibby (ex Catfish & the Bottlemen)
3rd October, DIALS FESTIVAL, Portsmouth with Kagoule, Black Honey, Hooton Tennis Club
10th October, CrashLanding All-dayer with XCerts, Boys Jump Ship, Demob Happy
29th October, Railway, Winchester with the Sherlocks
more shows tbc.

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