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Evil Scarecrow’s Pledge music campaign in full swing!

Evil Scarecrow’s new pledge campaign is going really well but there’s still a way to go, here’s a small piece from the band on their new offers!

So, we did a lot of soul searching about pint glasses… it’s the sort of thing we do.
Quite a few people were disappointed to have missed out on the pint glasses in our PledgeMusic Campaign. These were limited edition remnants from our last Campaign so we didn’t want to start producing more, it seems unfair to the people who bought them in good faith last time. So instead we’ve decided to make up some rather beautiful Evil Scarecrow shot glasses, these are now available exclusively through our Pledge which we hope will inspire some more of you to help us get to our goal, there is still a long way to go and the days are ticking by!
Not only that but we’ve also added the tea towels as an individual exclusive, due to popular demand.Please ‪#‎BuyAMotherFlippinEvilScarecrowTeaTowel‬ and tell the world about it!

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New Perfect Beings album ‘Perfect Beings II’ coming up, release date Oct 16th

Hang on to your hats folks, after their hugely acclaimed eponymously titled debut album, which also received a nomination for the Limelight Category in the Prog Magazine Awards, Perfect Beings are now getting set to release their stunning second album, ‘Perfect Beings II’

“The wait is over. Perfect Beings are releasing the eagerly anticipated “Perfect Beings II” on October 16th, 2015. Get ready for the next firestorm from one of LA’s hottest prog bands!
Internationally renowned rock band Perfect Beings is expanding on its special brand of progressive rock and raising the bar to impress fans and critics alike. The new songs represent an indisputable evolution and a logical extension of the first album, but with extra confidence. Perfect Beings II is a storm of emotion and raw energy that carries Perfect Beings’ unmistakable signature.
In support of their second independent release, Perfect Beings has successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign. They are also nominated in the Limelight category of the prestigious Progressive Music Awards 2015 sponsored by Prog Magazine.”

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Stunning review of Nine Miles South’s debut EP!

REVIEW: Nine Miles South – EP (2015)
Maximum Volume Music magazine

This year’s Temperance Movement? Southern country rock par excellence and with a dark heart too

Denmark, it has to be said, knows how to create decent music. But even if you asked Nine Miles South singer Seb Mikkelson he’d probably say that his homeland isn’t exactly renowned for bluesy, country rock.

The story goes that Seb formed Nine Miles South when he moved to Surrey, but frankly, one listen to this debut three-tracker and you won’t give where they are from a seconds thought. You will merely be sitting there agog at how good it is.

The trio of songs begins with “The Reckoning” – the band’s first video – borrows from everyone from Creedence to The Screaming Trees as it does its business. And, yeah, we know what you are thinking: “oh, another retro band…..” Well, kinda. This is different, though. Not only is it incredibly polished, it’s also barely hiding it’s dark heart: “everything I ever did before? Well I lied.” Croons Seb at one point in “The Reckoning” and reaches a mighty fine crescendo too.

“Leave Me Be” is perhaps the pick of the three. Again, it’s the darkness. Lines like “I’m not a man, but a ghost of one instead” betray some real songwriting, and “Fingernails” is the heaviest and most grandiose thing on view. Having a look at delta blues, then taking itself to become a straight ahead rock song – and a mighty fine one at that, but just in case you thought they’d written your normal song, on this they “will see you dead and I will see you burn in hell.”

The question of whether they can follow it up rears its head, of course and you hesitate to crown country rock’s new kings based on three songs. But so good is this that you wouldn’t bet against it. If they can, then Nine Miles South are going a very long way.

Rating 9/10

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Mordred/Seething Akira update

After an incredible tour, the Mordred and Seething Akira EU dates have come to an end & it’s going to be hugely sad to see the San Franciscan boys head home, although hopefully this time it won’t be long before they grace these shores again, lots of big things happening behind the scenes with Mordred and updates will be released as soon as possible.
Seething Akira barely get time to park their van before they head out for their next UK show at Joiners, Southampton on Wednesday 19th August, keeping things ticking over nicely in the lead up to their mainstage performance at the fabulous Breakout Festival in Brighton, 26th September (Deaf Havana, Sikth, Qemists etc). Picked to play personally by Sikth, this is going to be one hell of a festival so bring your crazy A game!

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