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Bloodstock Festival 2015

LAST night, the king of horror, Rob Zombie, stormed the stage at Bloodstock Festival 2015. 

There were gas masks, smoke and large photos of Frankenstein as the event reached its dramatic conclusion.

This weekend was another huge success, allowing the average extreme metal fan to get a little bit of everything they desired.

The self-proclaimed underground band Napalm Death got the whole field moving with their short, sharp shock of political punk and metal, while timeless heavy metal acts such as Sepultura opened up the weekend’s circle pits.

Acts that were slightly easier on the ears included the brilliant Opeth, who brought the field to a standstill with the beautiful sounds of heavy prog, and Saturday’s fire filled headliner, Within Temptation, who recently sold out Wembley.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Bloodstock if there wasn’t power metal and Swedish band Wolf supplied this in buckets as they got out the Flying V’s and jammed out.

However, Bloodstock isn’t just a place for established bands – the festival has always been a supporter of new talent. This year, bands on the New Blood Stage rocked just as hard as any other.

The stage, which has been set up to showcase new talent, was the perfect place for metal fans to catch emerging acts.

Bands such as Forgotten Remains went down a storm, while Derby and Nottingham boys Taken by the Tide completely destroyed the ears of those that dared to listen to them.

Outside of the music, there was also some epic fantasy art work to check out. One painting even depicted Mordor as a festival site! These pieces belonged to no other than Paul Raymond Gregory, creator of BOA itself.

The artist displayed his work alongside other’s photos and guitar designs in an exhibition centre by the main stage. Fans could check out Lord of the Rings artwork that couldn’t be seen anywhere else in the world!

However, beside the grandeur and the bands, the best thing about Bloodstock was and always will be the community element. Metal is a family, that’s what makes it so special.

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