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LITTLE CAESAR sign to Golden Robot Records, new album ‘Eight’ out March

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New album Eight coming March 16, 2018
First single Time Enough For That drops February 5

US rock n roll survivors, Little Caesar have signed a global deal with Golden Robot Records for the release of their new album Eight in March.

Little Caesar fuse no-nonsense hard rock that harks back to 70’s giants such as Bad Company and Humble Pie with an aching ZZ Top groove and overlay it with classic R&B melodies to produce some mighty fine straight up good time rock and roll!

Eight is the band’s first studio album in six years and lead single Time Enough For That is a reflective, semi power ballad that is a total lighters (or phones) in the air AOR smash! With his raspy, soulful vocals, main-man Ron Young, leaves his heart on his heavily tattooed sleeve while the emotive, crying guitar solos build the song into an instantly familiar yet classic track. FM radio slickness with bar band grit, Little Caesar in 2018 is exactly what’s missing in contemporary rock music.

“Little Caesar is excited about joining the ever-growing Golden Robot Records family. We are IN great company WITH a great company. Being based in Australia, which has given birth to some of the greatest Rock N Roll bands, makes us excited to be part of their Worldwide expansion. We see great things in 2018 for us and everyone that we share our music with at our new home.” – Ron Young, Little Caesar

“With Golden Robot Records currently expanding its artist roster to include bands based in the USA, Canada and Europe, when I met Ron Young in LA last year, and having been a fan of Little Caesar for many years, I knew that they would fit perfectly into the growing GRR family. Little Caesar being one of our first global international signings is exciting for myself and the label.”
Mark Alexander-Erber, President & Founder, Golden Robot Global Entertainment

Pre-orders for Eight commence 5 Feb, out 16 March

Bursting onto the LA scene in 1987, big things seemed inevitable for a band who had the winning combination of being managed by Jimmy Iovine, A&R’d by John Kalodner and produced by the one and only Bob Rock.

Their unique blend of soulful, yet ballsy hard rock was a perfect reflection of the musical climate that spawned them. They first appeared on the 1989 Metal Blade Street Survivors compilation which lead to them signing with DGC Records under Geffen. However, within weeks of the release of their self-titled 1990 debut, their label was sold. In the mix-up all their records were lost in transit to the new distributors and the bean counters anvil came down on a band who were just getting going. Such is the rough and tumble music business.

Never to let a thing like a label shuffle get in their way, the band hit the road off the success of their cover of Aretha Franklin’s Chain of Fools and toured with bands as varied as Jane’s Addiction, Kiss, Iggy Pop, Billy Idol, Social Distortion and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They also headlined their own tours across America and scored heavy rotation on MTV.

In 1992 they released their second album, Influence, and toured Europe for the first time. The tour drew rave reviews and they sold out the famous Marquee Club in London.

That same year Ron Young appeared in Terminator 2 as a tough talking biker that gets into a fight (and inevitably is thrown out of a window) by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just as they got going again, like so many hard rock bands, they were stopped in their tracks by the grunge wave and ultimately disbanded for over a decade, re-emerging in 2001 for a string of high profile shows at the House of Blues, the California Speedway for NASCAR, and the Rock The Bayou Festival in Houston TX.

The band went quiet again, until 2009 when they released their fourth album Redemption and returned to Europe and the UK. In 2012 they released American Dream and performed at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales that December.

They returned once again to Europe in 2013 appearing at The Download Festival alongside such acts as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Rival Sons, and Queens Of The Stone Age, and in 2016 released the double live album Brutally Honest.

In 2017, the band returned to the UK and Europe, toured the US, and entered the studio with Bruce Witkin to produce their Golden Robot Records debut.


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DEAD CITY RUINS release their video for new single ‘Bones’, taken from their upcoming new album ‘Never Say Die’ due for release 13th April.



DEAD CITY RUINS release their video for new single ‘Bones’, taken from their upcoming new album ‘Never Say Die’ which is due for release 13th April.

For eight years now the band has been going strong without letting anything distract them from their mission. Dead City Ruins plow ahead with everything they’ve got, and you can hear this in every note of their new album, NEVER SAY DIE. These guys play rock’n’roll as if their lives depended on it.
And in a sense, it actually does – as Jake explains; “In 2015 we sold everything we had, every single possession, bought flights to Europe and toured there for 10 months straight. That was hard, but awesome. Back in Australia, we spent all the money we made on this album. We really rolled the dice on this one. We wanted a great producer who knows what he’s doing and knows the industry of today, not from the Eighties. His job was to help us make these songs as great as they can possibly be, whatever the cost.“
They found their guy in James Lewis, an Englishman who had previously worked with Arctic Monkeys and Sunset Sons. With Lewis at the helm, the band have accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

Recorded in Melbourne, the album proudly shows all the passion which each musician put into every track: NEVER SAY DIE has power, and tons of it. It will knock you on your ass, just as all good rock’n’roll should, but there’s more to it than that. The music goes deep – as all really good rock’n’roll should. After all, Led Zeppelin are more than Whole Lotta Love, Sabbath are more than Iron Man, and Soundgarden go beyond Outshined.
Dead City Ruins play with the same intensity that made the iconic albums of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties so special. In short, it has soul. Jake, Tommy Cain (guitar), Sean Blanchard (guitar), Matthew Berg (bass) and Nick Trajanovski (drums) went all in on this one. “We want to take this thing to the next level, and we will,” Jake says. “We have a new label, a new booking agent and new management. Everything is in place, and we’re ready, although it’s taken us two hard years to make that happen. Our goal is to go from a pub band that is fantastic live, to a stadium band that is unstoppable.”
To achieve this, Dead City Ruins are thinking far beyond their home continent. “There are some great bands in Australia,” says Jake, “but you never hear about them because there’s no industry or scene for rock’n’roll and heavy metal, as there is in Europe. Over there, you can drive six hours through three different countries and hit 10 cities. In Australia, it takes 10 hours to go from Melbourne to Sydney and another 11 to Brisbane. To get to Perth, you have to fly – and there’s nowhere to play in between! We’ve achieved a lot in Australia, but that’s not enough for us, so we’re travelling to the other end of the world to kick some serious ass.

The nucleus of the current line-up came together in 2009, and only two years later the guys were touring Europe on two occasions, promoting their debut album Midnight Killer and travelling between gigs. With their second offering, Dead City Ruins, which was released in 2013, the band returned to Europe for 40 shows with Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe. This worked out so well that Dead City Ruins were invited to join the Australian leg of the same tour in 2014. Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo of Skid Row comments: “They’re just these young, broke kids who don’t give a fuck about anything except playing music in front of people. I love what they do, and it inspires me on a daily basis. That’s the spirit of rock’n’roll.”

Tthere are no filler songs on NEVER SAY DIE – no mediocre playing-it-safe tunes and no unnecessary fluff. This album lives, grooves and rocks, and what’s more, it brings together passion and depth. A case in point is the angry Bones, which will make every head in the crowd bang but still leaves a hook in your brain that won’t go away. In the anthemic We Are One, Jake sings about how fans get together at a show, become one, raise their fists and scream along. “Playing live feels like travelling to another dimension!” he says. “The best shows, for me, are the ones I don’t even remember. I imagine it’s what people who meditate spend their whole lives trying to find – when you get caught up in the moment, when you and 100 strangers achieve a new height of hysteria – that’s the beauty of rock’n’roll.“

Dead City Ruins aim for nothing less. This is why they roll the dice with NEVER SAY DIE, with full commitment and full steam ahead. What if it goes wrong? Jake laughs. “It always goes wrong! We just pick up the dice and roll them again. We won’t be stopped.“

Jake Wiffen (Vocals), Tommy Cain, (Guitars), Sean Blanchard (Guitars), Matthew Berg (Bass), Nick Trajanovski (Drums)

Pre-order link for the album:



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Guns N’ Roses keyboardist, Dizzy Reed, has dropped the lead single, This Don’t Look Like Vegas, from his upcoming 2018 debut solo album, Rock ‘n Roll Ain’t Easy out on digital (worldwide), CD and purple vinyl (Australia only right now) through Golden Robot Records on 16 February.

Written by Dizzy Reed, Ricky Warwick (Thin Lizzy, The Almighty, Black Star Riders) and Del James, This Don’t Look Like Vegas, features Warwick and Mayuko Okai on guitar, with fellow Gunner, Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses, Psychedelic Furs, Thin Lizzy), bringing the guitar solo. Mike Dupke’s (W.A.S.P.) on drums, Mike Duda (W.A.S.P.) on bass, Reed on lead vocals, piano, shaker and tambourine, with backing vocals from Nadja Reed, Chela Johnson and Del James.

“While initially undercut by prominent keys, This Don’t Look Like Vegas quickly settles into a swaggering slice of classic rock, led by big riffs and Reed’s own touchstone lyrics of dark shades, flexibly applicable gambling metaphors, shotgun weddings, fire, fury, brimstone etc. It’s all scenes of beautifully filthy bar band blues, the stuff of Sunset Strip nights, endless whiskey shots and a hedonistic heaven where, as Reed eloquently puts it, ‘nothing is certain’”
Rolling Stone Australia

Pre-order link for the album ‘Rock N Roll Ain’t Easy':
When the album is pre-ordered, you’ll instantly received the first single ‘This Don’t Look Like Vegas’.

About Dizzy Reed
Born in Hinsdale, Illinois and raised in Colorado, Dizzy started his musical journey in early childhood. His grandmother, who lived in the apartment above, played the organ, teaching him on her Lowry.

Growing up, Dizzy was exposed to his father’s love of Booker T and the MGs, and once young Dizzy realised that was the same instrument he could play, he was hooked. By the age of 12 he was touring with his band. Other early influences were John Lord, Gregg Rolie, and Grand Funk Railroad.In 1985, Dizzy moved to Los Angeles, where a wild, rich musical scene was hitting its stride.

While rehearsing in a Hollywood practice room, Dizzy befriended Axl Rose, and in 1990 he joined Guns N’ Roses on keys, percussion and backing vocals. In 2012, Dizzy was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the band. He has also toured with the Psychedelic Furs and has recorded and written with supergroup The Dead Daisies, as well as singing lead vocals with his side project, Hookers and Blow.

Dizzy is a father of four and lives with his New Zealand-born wife, Nadja, in LA. On surviving and flourishing in rocks ‘sharky’ waters, he says, “Never stop learning and exploring, but don’t forget what you do best. Stick to your guns.”

Follow Dizzy Reed:

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Schattenman release their debut album ‘Licht An’ on 2nd March via Drakkar Entertainment.

Schattenman release their debut album ‘Licht An’ on 2nd March via Drakkar Entertainment.

Something is stirring in the shadows. Something is crawling to the surface: Schattenmann are here! Formed in the dying days of 2016, already now aiming for greater things: This young band from Nuremberg knows exactly what they want and how they are about to achieve it. “Neue Deutsche Härte 2.0”, thus the simple yet effective definition of the monumental sound woven by vocalist Frank Herzig, guitarist Jan Suk, bass player Luke Shook and drummer Nils Kinzig. They are fed by NDH, by Industrial and by Metal, infected by melodic hooklines rather unusual for this genre and possessed by one burning wish: To exorcise every single one of their inner demons.
Schattenmann stands for the very special parts within us, we prefer to keep hidden. Parts, however, that sometimes want to be unleashed, that are yearning for freedom, that want to be lived out to the fullest. “We sing about things that keep us in suspense”, says front man Frank. “We want to unearth the things hiding deep within us.”
On their debut “Licht an”, songs like the explosive ‘Brennendes Eis’, the highly emotional ‘Gekentert’, the iconic and anthemic ‘Licht an’ or the provocative ‘Generation Sex’ are displaying the immense potential of a band just about to start. “We’re more than ready to give everything we have for Schattenmann”, a determined Frank Herzig declares – and the past months give proof enough to underline the ambitious vision of this band. Lots of concerts, an exclusive and sold-out tour EP and, of course, their debut “Licht an” are all essential pillars in a career about to take off.
Their first record is a step into a musical world that is at the same time seducing and disturbing. “Schattenmann stand for an enigmatic, inexorable journey between light and darkness”, sums up Frank, whose distinct voice is lending the band its unique character.
For many years, Herzig has carried countless musical and lyrical visions, unaware of the fact that this was
indeed the seed from which Schattenmann is rising now. Thundering heaviness is being counterbalanced by epic melodies, militantly marching beats change with fierce Thrash drumming, huge walls of guitar blend with orchestral synthies: all a bit unusual, to be sure. But hey, boundaries are there to be overcome. In doing so, Schattenmann have created one of the most exciting and most original NDH debuts of recent years. Plus, the coming of Schattenmann may be a fateful one, at that: Neue Deutsche Härte is in dire need of new heroes! And if their gigs with Stahlmann or Heldmaschine proved one thing, it’s this: their spectacular live show heralds the beginning of a new age. They want it, they are hungry for it, they will do everything to pull us to the dark side. And you know what? “Licht an” is full of reasons why we should give in to them without hesitating!

Frank Herzig (Vocals), Jan Suk (Guitar), Luke Shook (Bass), Nils Kinzig (Drums)
‘Licht An’ was produced by Frank Herzig at West Records Studios

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